AEGRC Genotyping and Sequencing Facility

The Australian Equine Genetics Research Centre (AEGRC)'s mission is to create a platform of genetic knowledge and expertise to deliver quality DNA testing services and increase genetic knowledge through internationally competitive research.

Based at the University of Queensland’s St. Lucia campus, the AEGRC is an award-winning laboratory which provides high-quality genotyping and sequencing services to both UQ and external clients. Backed by a multi-disciplinary team and state-of-the-art equipment, services offered by the AEGRC include mouse genotyping and DNA sequencing.

Since its inception the AEGRC’s mouse genotyping service has processed over 150,000 samples and developed tests for over 200 mouse lines.

The AEGRC provides a complete genotyping service which includes test development, DNA extraction, PCR and analysis. Results are reported directly into UQs Genotrack database system where applicable. Results are provided for complex lines (e.g WT/Flox/Del genotyping for conditional lines) and het/hom differentiation at no extra cost.

The AEGRC offers a high quality, fast DNA sequencing service including:

  1. Full sequencing - Clients supply the primer and template mixture, AEGRC performs the sequencing reaction and clean-up and separation process.

  2. Clean-up and Separation - Clients perform the sequencing reaction, AEGRC performs the clean-up and separation process.

  3. Fragment Analysis - where fluorescent PCR samples are separated by fragment analysis on a Genetic Analyser.

  4. Troubleshooting.

Exceptional quality control measures are applied to all samples for both mouse genotyping and DNA sequencing to ensure accurate and reliable results.

The AEGRC was recognised with a Team Commendation in the 2016 UQ Awards for Excellence in Service.

General enquiries


Phone: + 61 7 3365 1739