TASQ-QFAGE CRISPR Genetically Modified Animal Service

QFAGE is a core facility at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience, at the University of Queensland. QFAGE provides customers with high quality CRISPR/Cas9 genome engineering services in cell lines and mice.

The TASQ-QFAGE CRISPR GM animal service combines both of our experience in GM animal model production and genome engineering and assures a quality service to maximize experimental success. We offer a flexible service to suit your experimental needs, level of experience with CRISPR GM animal models, and budget.

Gene Edited Mice using CRISPR

TASQ-QFAGE operates as a cost-recovery and pay as you go service.

We aim to provide competitive and affordable prices for all researchers, therefore services have been classed as: 

  • Full service: For those researchers wishing to have the all parts of CRISPR GM mice production conducted by TASQ-QFAGE.
  • Part service: For those researchers who have the capabilities to partake in some portion of the project or only need some part of the service.


Add a NEW Strain to the Animal Management Database 

If you need to add a new strain to the Animal Management Database (Mosaic) to then apply for ethics approval complete the 'Request to create new strains in the Animal Management Database' form.

CRISPR Electroporation
CRISPR Electroporation
Photo: Ella Thomson Koopman Lab