TASQ-QFAGE CRISPR Genetically Modified Animal Service

QFAGE is a core facility at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience, at the University of Queensland. QFAGE provides customers with high quality CRISPR/Cas9 genome engineering services in cell lines and mice.

The TASQ-QFAGE CRISPR GM animal service combines both of our experience in GM animal model production and genome engineering and assures a quality service to maximize experimental success. We offer a flexible service to suit your experimental needs, level of experience with CRISPR GM animal models, and budget.

Gene Edited Mice using CRISPR

TASQ-QFAGE operates as a cost-recovery and pay as you go service.

We aim to provide competitive and affordable prices for all researchers, therefore services have been classed as: 

  • Full service: For those researchers wishing to have the all parts of CRISPR GM mice production conducted by TASQ-QFAGE.
  • Part service: For those researchers who have the capabilities to partake in some portion of the project or only need some part of the service.
CRISPR Electroporation
CRISPR Electroporation
Photo: Ella Thomson Koopman Lab