Request Access to Mosaic

To begin training to receive access to Mosaic Level 1 please follow the following instructions:


  1. Complete the 'UQBR Mosaic - Access Training Level 1' 
  2. This is completed via the Learning Management System (LMS). Access the LMS for the first time by following these instructions. 
  3. Upon the first login, complete your profile information. You will then have access to core online training courses. 
  4. Select the course 'UQBR Mosaic - Access Training Level 1'
  5. If you are unable to see this course, search using the 'Course Catalog'.
  6. At completion, download the access form and send this to your facility manager.
  7.  Use this link and save it to your web browser to access Mosaic - Live

There are further online courses available in the LMS, these require completion to gain additional access privileges within the database. The Quick Resources listed below outline each level of privileges and the activity that can be performed for each.


What if I’m not a UQ staff member?

Access to Mosaic will be via the web, using UQ’s Single Sign On (SSO) – which will require you to have an ‘Associate staff’ UQ login. If you don’t have a UQ login, or you have an existing UQ login that needs updating, please contact your facility manager who can provide the relevant UQ form to request a UQ Associate account. 

Additional Mosaic Resources - Workflows and Videos (Login required