Genetic Research Services has been providing sequencing services since 2007. We offer high quality, fast, customised services for sequencing clients. Our machines are routinely maintained and serviced and controls are included in each batch of sequencing. We also provide customised solutions and specialised customer support for troubleshooting undesirable results and offer different sequencing dyes (v3.1 and v1.1) for particularly difficult DNA templated eg. hairpin or highly repetitive regions.

The Sanger Sequencing service runs each business day (excluding public holidays) at 12 noon. Samples submitted for our Clean-up and Separation only service will be reported the following business day if submitted prior to 12 noon. Samples requiring our Full Sequencing service take an additional day, and will be reported in 2 business days following submission prior to 12 noon.


Result from pGEM-3Zf(+) internal control run with every batch of sequencing

The Sanger DNA sequencing service is performed on our two 3730 Applied Biosystems capillary electrophoresis machines. 

If you are interested in our sequencing service, please email for a submission form and  RISQ form. The RISQ form will need to be completed and returned prior to routine sample submission.