Our aim is to provide a fast, quality and reliable service to all of our customers. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer service and have been recognised within UQ with a Team Commendation in the 2016 UQ Awards for Excellence in Service and a team nomination in the 2020 UQ Awards for Excellence in Service. Some compliments from our clients can be read below. We always welcome any feedback you may have in regards to our services;


"The quality of the Australian Equine Genetics Research Centre team's work is beyond compare. Their professionalism, both in relation to the accuracy of their work, and their communications, cannot be faulted. Their willingness to assist in all manner of queries, whether it directly relates to their work, or if colleagues in other teams are seeking guidance on a separate issue with regards to genetics, is greatly appreciated and valued. In fact, they openly encourage other teams to ask them questions to further their colleagues' own knowledge."



"Thank you so much for all of your amazing help.

The genotyping service you offer is fantastic, but the support you give to everyone, is simply outstanding and second to none!!!

We recommend you to all of our researchers and try and persuade them all to use your service.

So thank you again for just being brilliant and a pleasure to work with!!"



"Thanks for all of your assistance with queries, you have all been so lovely and helpful and so patient when we always have issues with the submission forms or tube labels each week."



"Thank you for your fantastically detailed response – there’s always so much to learn about sequencing. Normally, my reads from plasmids can go as long as 800 – 1,000 bp, so 200 was definitely short. However, now that you have re-done it, it continues to BLAST beautifully. Thank you so much for the fix! I really appreciate the help and ongoing support and expertise."