Our standard CRISPR/Cas9 GM mouse production service involves three staged service modules.

1. Stage 1: CRISPR design

2~4 weeks dependent on complexity of CRISPR design

  • Primer design

  • Guide RNA design

  • Repair template design (project type 3, 4, 5)

  • Order reagent (Cas9 protein, sgRNA, ssODN < 200bp, or gBlock dsDNA< 1.5 kb)


  • Time is from when the agreement and design is finalised with client and reagent order placed

  • Not including the donor repair template cloning,  synthesis or delivery time

  • Optional in vitro or in cell CRISPR validation will take approximately another 2 weeks after the reagent arrive

  • QFAGE will email researcher when the CRISPR has been made