TASQ-QFAGE provides a service guarantee that covers success and efficacy of procedures and reagents over which we have control, such as purity of injectables, efficacy of the batch of Cas9 protein used, quality of culture media, survival of embryos and recipients after surgery, and so on. Technical success is indicated by production of one or more embryos or liveborn mice with genomic alteration.

Other variables remain outside TASQ-QFAGE’s control. Therefore, QFAGE cannot guarantee that conduct of the project will lead to the desired genomic alteration, transgene integrity, copy number, insertion site or activity.

TASQ-QFAGE will carry out a second injection session if the desired genomic change is not detected after the first round. A second microinjection session may also be conducted if no genomic alterations at all are obtained after the first round. After the second injection session in these circumstances, the client will need to reconsider the design of the experiment and/or the constructs/guide RNAs, and enter a new service contract.