What if there are no births or founders from the injection sessions?

TASQ can not guarantee that 100% of embryo transfers will result in live births. Over the injection sessions, different staff members perform the egg collections, egg culture, micro- injections and embryo transfer. A control embryo transfer of uninjected embryos will be performed where possible alongside each transfer of injected embryos. If there are no births TASQ will request a new DNA prep be made by the client and another session will be arranged at cost to client. TASQ can purify the new prep if requested.

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How important is the DNA prep to the success of the transgenic production project?

The success rate of transgenic production is heavily influenced on the quality of the prep supplied to TASQ. A pure and clean DNA prep will greatly increase the chances of transgenic founders produced compared to the same prep of lesser quality. This is why TASQ asks that the DNA preps are produced with proven protocols (see above section Tips and Protocols for Preparing DNA for links to how to prep the DNA prior to injection). If no founders are identified from the first round of injection sessions, TASQ will ask for a new prep and consult with client on the DNA prep protocol.

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What are the variables in the production of transgenics?

  • As the integration of the construct is random, clients should be aware that the position of integration and number of copies may differ between founders so each founder will need to be assessed for expression and function of the transgene.
  • Late integration may also occur which results in a mosaic founder. This means that the usual mendelian principles of breeding may not occur, with a founder having a low percentage of transmission.
  • There is no guarantee that founders integrating the transgene will show expression and a phenotype. Expression levels also do not mirror copy number integrated.
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When is the Client notified of progress?

TASQ will notify the Client:

  • when all forms, certificates and information is received by TASQ
  • when the microinjection sessions have been scheduled
  • when resulting progeny are born
  • when the transgenic founders are ready to be released to the Client. 
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