Training with Biological Resources

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Training Steps

The below steps are completed for all training provided by Biological Resources. 

Theory Training

Contact your Biological Resources Facility and discuss your training required. All workers will begin training by completing the relevant online theory module using the Biological Resources' Learning Management System (LMS). It is important to develop an understanding of the task or procedure before practical training will begin. The facility trainer may allocate online modules that will require completion relevant to your project. 

Practical Training

Once the theory is completed in the LMS contact your facility trainer to arrange hands-on training. These sessions may run regularly or will be provided upon request. Depending on the technique or procedure it may be necessary to attend training at one of the many Biological Resources Facilities, this is required to match a suitable trainer for your specific training requirements. 

Alternatively, you may register your interest to complete a training session.


According to The Codeworkers must be suitably trained and competent to complete animal tasks. To complete your work without supervision, Biological Resources can offer assessment by request with our experienced trainer and assessors. Please discuss this with your trainer. 

Request Training

Contact your local facility manager. 

Or request online. 

Request Training 


Biological Resources Training Coordinator

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