Evidence-based pain management in laboratory animals: multimodal analgesia

Presented by Mary Ellen Goldberg. An AALAS Webinar.

Presentation handout (PDF, 802.3 KB)

Responses to questions from attendees (PDF, 118.7 KB)

Webinar script (PDF, 115.2 KB)

Biological Resources also recommends the following reading:

NHMRC Guidelines to promote the wellbeing of animals used for scientific purposes: The assessment and alleviation of pain and distress in research animals. Specifically, Part III Fact Sheet I Pain management: anaesthesia, analgesia and anxiolytics.

Addressing breeding problems in mice

Presented by J. Parker-Thornburg. An AALAS Webinar.

Presentation handout (PDF, 567.4 KB)

Compassion fatigue

Presented by Tracy Gluckman, Department of Pathology, Northwestern University, Chicago.  An AALAS Webinar.

Webinar flyer (PDF, 140.6 KB)