We offer two types of Sanger sequencing services:

"Full sequencing service" – you provide the template and primer and we do the sequencing reaction, clean it up and separate on our capillary electrophoresis machines.

For the full sequencing service we do require the DNA and primers to be pre-mixed. We ask for the DNA, primers and water (if necessary to make up the volume) to be submitted as a total volume of 15.5ul in a 1.5ml tube. The primer concentration is 3.2pmol in a 20ul reaction. The DNA concentration depends on the actual sample.

"Clean-up and separation only" – you do the sequencing reaction, we clean it up and separate it on our capillary electrophoresis machines. 

Our sequencing reaction setup guide has suggested reaction volumes and cycling conditions and can be provided on request. Most people start with using 1ul of Big Dye and move to 0.5ul or less once sequencing is optimised.

We also sell the BigDye sequencing reagents in small aliquots (so customers do not have to buy whole expensive kits) if you are interested in doing the reaction yourself. 


All sequencing files are saved onto a special shared drive set up for clients. Only people that have approved access for each group will have access to that individual group’s results folder. Results will be made available on the shared drive for a 1 month period, however, Genetic Research Services maintains an archive of all sequencing results and can reissue past results on request.